Hello Everyone,
Well we got through our weather weekend!.  This was an unusual weekend for weather.  Although we had very low winds we had a considerable “sea” that was effecting our operating area.  The seas were coming from the east from an offshore weather system.  The waves averaged 3-5 feet.  This created a moderate motion on our turns.  The captains were vigilante in letting everyone know when we were going to make a turn and I feel the weekend end went well.

The good news is we went from this choppy weather over the weekend to PERFECT weather for this entire upcoming week. 
There is really nothing to write.  Winds are going to be spinning around the compass rose at 5-10kts.  I look through the week and all I see West/South/Northwest/North….pretty much every direction. 
The real good news is the “seas” have disappeared.  As I write the 3 mile buoy is recording sea heights of 1.6 feet.
Going to be a beautiful week.
Busy Monday:  We took the Monday day cruise off to accomplish 2 major maintenance items.  We had (6) divers in the water from 630Am until 6pm “scrubbing the hull”…literally…. They were operating (2) machines driven by compressed air supplied from trucks on  the pier….The best way to describe these machines….well you have all seen the “scrubbing bubbles” commercials on TV?.  The machines looked like a double version of one of these…replace the “smiling face” with a hard hat diver…and there you go…..  We scrubbed the entire hull and polished the propellers and rudders…..
We picked up an extra Knot of speed….which makes the Captains happy….and a yet to determine fuel savings….to make Management happy…..Better hold on to your hat next time you ride with us….!! 
Also it will be impossible not to notice….we had our contractors on board to re coat the entire exterior deck at the Dolphin Bar…..Our continued effort to keep the Victory 1 looking great for our customers enjoyment….
Come Sail with us!
Capt Tim


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