Hello Everyone,
The worst of the weather has past…..the winds are calm this morning.  Friday we had some 4-5 ft seas so there was some moderate motion particularly on the turns.
Nevertheless we had some good cruises and many of our guests got their “sea legs” as we call it in the ship business!


Today the winds will start out gusty in the morning Southeast at 15-20 then subsiding to 10-15 in the afternoon.  There will be some residual seas but they will be subsiding all day and conditions should be back to normal by the evening cruise.
The day cruise  (Capt Tim in the drivers seat) the ride will be good with some motion on the turns.  By the evening the winds will subside to 10kts and swing to the West. (off the beach).  This west wind will continue to knock down the easterly waves and will be a good ride this evening….again with some minor motion on the turns.
Sunday looks like it will be a beautiful day with West winds and bright sunshine.
MONDAY DAY CRUISE CANCELED: We will be staying at the dock on Monday for our quarterly US Coast Guard inspection.  We will also have a diving crew in the water all day giving our “lady” a shave and a haircut….:-D.  We will clean the bottom of all marine growth and barnacles.  This will make us more fuel efficient and gain us a little speed…..
Come sail with us!!
Capt Tim


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