Tuesday’s cruises were very good despite the high wind forecast.  The winds were indeed 20-25 from the East. But again the forecast for wave height was way off. They forecast predicted waves 6-9 ft. The actual waves got no higher than 3-4 ft in our operating area.  We ran east and west keeping the waves either directly on out bow or on our stern.  This made for a good ride with very little rolling and only a slight pitching motion. We had no complaints during the cruise.
Today’s predictions are slightly lower and we will run the same pattern.  It seems blustery outside….but come join us…we will make sure you have a good ride.
Special Presentation:  Victory Casino will be featured Thursday morning on channel 27 during the morning weather breaks between 7-8am.  Tune in and see the creator of this Blog in person…….
Capt Tim