Monday’s Cruises were beautiful. Flat calm seas and bright Florida Sunshine.
Today’s forecast calls for East winds and seas 3-4. Not to worry.  We will run into the waves and with the waves on the stern. The ride will be good and it will be a fine day to cruise.
Com join us!
All in a days Work:  Work on the Victory 1 goes 24/7 to keep the vessel safe and running efficiently.  We have a maintenance crew arrive on the ship just after the passengers get off at midnight every night. Tomorrow night we will have 4 divers and their equipment on the pier all night. They will clean the rudders, propellers, and bottom sounding equipment of all marine growth.  They will check and clean all the seawater intakes where the cooling water for the massive engines comes into the vessel.  We do this about every 4 months to ensure the machinery remains 100% dependable.
Capt Tim