Sunday was a blustery windy day.  The winds were from the north and Northwest up to 30-35 kts at times.  For all of you that cruised it was a great day to demonstrate the advantage of our operating area…”Captains Cove”.  We were protected by the Cape Canaveral and the Canaveral Reefs.  We saw wavers of 1-3 ft maximum.  All enjoyed a bright sunshine afternoon….a little cool but a smooth ride…
Monday’s cruises will be perfect. The wind has dropped to about 10-15.  Still from the North. We will again visit Captains’s Cove for a great cruise… will be sunny and cool with waves 1-2 ft.
Nautical Terms:  “wheel clearance”.  It is standard procedure to test your engines both fwd and astern before you cast off your lines to leave the dock.  The officer in charge of the pre[underway check list will call on the radio for wheel clearance.  This a call for anyone near the stern of the vessel to check to make sure there is nothing there that could damage the props…Back in the day when the harbor were polluted with a lot of floating debris….ie logs, pallets, general garbage….this was very important task.  We still do it prior to every cruise….it is equally important now as we need to check for Manatees, Sea Turtles, Dolphins, fisherman (humans), ect…..times are changing for the better….our harbors now have wildlife instead of garbage…..
Capt Tim