Saturday’s cruises we had some southerly winds 10-15 kts…the waves only built to about 2-3 ft in the short duration of the winds.  So we had a good ride by keeping the waves on the bow and stern as we predicted.
Look outside this morning….and look at the weather on the public broadcast….but then read Capt Tim’s weather blog for the real deal….
Yes it is blustery and you see the dark clouds this morning…..where do we go…off the Captain’s Cove.  The winds are directly from the West….we will stay at 3.2 miles out and stay behind the reefs. The winds will be directly off the beach…the waves will only have time to build to 1-2 feet…..
Good day to spend inside….the Victory 1.  Good food, entertainment, generous slot machines!!  Come join us….we leave at noon today….so you have a little extra time to get moving!
Capt. TIm