Tuesdays cruises were again smooth sailing. Winds were light out of the east at about 10 kts.  The waves were 1-2 ft.  Smooth ride for both cruises.
The forecast fro the rest of the week is perfect!  Light winds of 5-10 kts forecast from various directions. We call this “Llght and variable” a mariner’s favorite forecast! This means it will be a perfect week for cruising.  Come and join us.
Special Entertainment this week!  On Thursday PM cruise we will have special guests on board….We believe it may be a first ever Cirque performance on a vessel….certainly a first for us!  We will have Cirque performers on board to entertain you….These people do some amazing things…..and now we get to see them perform at sea…come join us in the fun on Thursday night cruise 29 March.
Capt Tim