Friday’s cruises were very nice weather wise….light southerly winds and waves about 1-3 feet.  Very little motion when we turned the vessel and then smooth sailing.
The rest of the weekend  forecast is for winds 5-15 knots and waves 1-3 feet.  The ride will be good and the sunshine will be beautiful come and enjoy it with us.
Don’t forget our special Sunday cruises tomorrow…
Day cruise    1200 noon to 6pm.
Night cruise   7 pm to midnight.
Interesting USCG facts….Recently the USCG changed one of its long standing rules for calculating the stability of the ship.  Every ship must hold a “USCG Stability Letter”.  This letter is (in simple terms) is  saying that the ship (by scientific calculation) will not roll over and sink.  To do the calculation all the weights on the ship deck by deck has to be calculated into the equation.  Since the early 1900 the weight of one passenger had been figured at 165lbs.  Recently the rule changed and they raised the average weight of a passenger to 185…..Every ship had to recalculate its Stability Letter based on how many passengers it was allowed to carry….Is the USCG trying to tell us something about our eating habits????
“food” for thought…..
Capt Tim