Wednesday’s cruises saw breezy and some showers. We had winds form the south and waves 2-3 ft.  We were able to keep a good ride by running north and south keeping the wind on our bow and stern.
Today’s cruises will be the same with winds for the south at 10-15 kts.  Waves will be 2-3 feet and we will again run north and south for a good ride.
Operations: (Lifting the ship)  US flag ships are required by the US Coast Guard to be lifted out of the water and inspected 2 times in every 5 years.  Victory will be completing this task in mid-May. During this time we will also clean the bottom, propellers and rudders as well as paint the entire bottom….a marine facelift you might say…. This entire evolution will take about 5 days…we will be posting our revised schedule for this time and special events soon….
Capt Tim