Tuesdays cruises were a great ride and great weather.  The winds were light from the Southeast and the waves were 1-2 ft.  We cruised a bit offshore just for a change of scenery. (and look for Cobia:)
The rest of the week including the weekend will be the same.  The forecast is for light winds from the South and Southeast.  Typical spring weather for Central Florida.  Mother nature is being kind. 
Local Sport:  Many of our local guests know that Fishing is a passion of many of our local residents….the last couple of weeks it has been a little crazy around here…It is Cobia Season….You will see dozens of small boats with 2-3 people standing in the highest point of their small vessels……you see everything form built to suit “towers” to hand made wooden platforms.  These will be 10-15 feet above the vessel with 1-2 people dangling off them and occasionally pointing excitedly!!  Well let me solve the mystery for you….they are looking for Cobia!  Cobia run in schools of 2-8 fish generally and can range from 10-80 lbs….They swim around near the surface.  The trick is to “spot” them from these “towers” and quickly get close and throw out your lure or bait.  The hope is to land the big one,  and of course the bragging rights!!!
ahhh yes….there is just to much fun to have in central Florida!!
Capt Tim