Saturdays Cruise were great with light winds Florida Sunshine and waves 1-2 feet.  Victory 1 We had very little movement and both cruises were enjoyed by all.
Sunday will be more of the same with 5-10 kts East winds in the forecast.  Waves will again be 1-2 feet or less.  The early week is the same with east winds less than 10 kts in the forecast.
Keeping it clean:  I am on board early this morning at 0600.   Our cleaning crew is here in full force.  We have 8-10 professional cleaners working on the ship 5 days a week.  They come on board when the ship gets to the dock around midnight and work through the night until 8 am.  We clean the ship from top to bottom including Steam cleaning the carpets 1 or 2 decks each night.
Our goal is  to present the ship each morning fresh and clean.
Capt Tim