Lindsey Duke, is She a Good Thing for Blake Bortles?

Lindsey DukeLindsey Duke is a name that few knew a year ago, but now it’s a household name in not just Florida, but in nearly every college football-loving household around the country.

Who is Lindsey Duke? She was a simple, unknown student attending the University of Central Florida. She was no one famous, until a few sexy Lindsey Duke pictures found their way onto the internet – via her Instagram.

Once the pictures went online, they went viral almost overnight. Within a few weeks, there were more than 6 million Google searches for “Lindsey Duke pictures”. The blond beauty in her bikini became an instant sensation, and she has been able to capitalize on her celebrity. She has signed a number of modeling contracts with Florida-based companies – including Victory Casino Cruises. She has become the beautiful face of many companies, and this has kept her face in the spotlight. Click here to check out the pictures of Lindsey Duke that went viral.

One of the reasons that she became so famous was due to the fact that her boyfriend is no other than Blake Bortles – the leading quarterback in the NFL Draft this year. With all of the attention that Duke has been getting, her boyfriend has stayed in the spotlight this year. In fact, many team managers have begun to consider Bortles as a candidate for their team thanks to the celebrity of his girlfriend.

Is the fact that Lindsey Duke has become an overnight sensation for her sexy pictures going to harm Bortles’ career in the long run? For now, it looks like she’s actually proving to be a good thing for the rising football star. He is ahead of the other quarterbacks, so he could very well be the first-drafted shot-caller this year.

However, with the help of Duke, Bortles has become a celebrity by association. Everyone that knows of Lindsey Duke now knows the name of the quarterback that will soon make his debut into the NFL. The attention that has been directed at his girlfriend could very soon turn to Bortles, once he proves that he is worthy of his place in the major leagues.


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