Lindsey Duke Blake Bortles Edge for The NFL Draft

Lindsey DukeWith the NFL Draft just around the corner, the country is on edge to find out which college players are going to be the future of the NFL. There are always picks that stand out from the rest, and Blake Bortles of UCF is definitely one of those picks – but not necessarily for the reason that you think!

Blake Bortles is one of the year’s top quarterbacks, and recruiters agree that he is ahead of the other shot-callers to be drafted this year. He throws a mean game, and he seems to be an excellent leader for his team. He has been called “the best of the stock”, and he definitely has earned his place at the head of the pack.

However, one of the main reasons that there is so much interest in Bortles this year is due to the fact that he is in a relationship with Lindsey Duke – the internet’s latest bombshell sensation. Duke is a student at the University of Central Florida alongside Bortles, and has been his girlfriend since they were in high school together.

A few months back, a number of sexy Lindsey Duke pictures were posted online – nothing scandalous, just the beauty in her bikini. Almost overnight, the blond bombshell was rocketed to online fame, with more than 6 million people searching Google for “Lindsey Duke pictures”.

It is possible that the Florida student is more famous than her soon-to-be pro footballer boyfriend, but that could actually work in Bortles’ favor. With all of the attention that his girlfriend has been getting, the spotlight has shined on him as well. With companies like the Victory Casino Cruises hiring Duke to model for them, his face has been posted everywhere as well. Click here to check out the pictures of Lindsey Duke that went viral to see why she was the hot topic during Bortles’ interviews with the NFL.

It could very well be the edge that Bortles needs to get into a top NFL team. The more attention is placed on him, the more highly sought-after he will be. The more teams want him, the better deal he can negotiate. For the young couple, it’s very likely a win-win all around!


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