Let Me Introduce You to an Exciting Casino in Central Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsHave you been mumbling and grumbling lately about going to the same places for entertainment over and over? It sounds like you are ready for something new! Let me introduce you to Victory Casino Cruises, a different variety of exciting casino in Central Florida. Victory is far beyond landlocked. It’s a four-deck casino ship that sails twice daily from Cape Canaveral.

Consider this form of entertainment as a unique method of Florida’s fabulous water sports. Instead of swimming or surfing, you are sailing above the water. The ship is larger than a kayak or sailboat and smaller than a grand cruise ship departing for a week-long cruise to the Bahamas. It’s a pleasure to watch the scenery and enjoy a delicious meal while the ship makes its way on the 5-hour roundtrip cruise on the Atlantic.

Instead of racing around one part of town to another for cocktails, dinner, casual conversation and dancing, you can accomplish all that in a single area with VCC. Play roulette or poker on the tables or try your hand at any of the 600 electronic slot machines. You’ll find a variety of video poker machines that will spark your interest as you seek that elusive royal flush! These are just a few of the features of this exciting casino in Central Florida.

The early afternoon cruise is convenient because it gets passengers back early enough to see a movie or enjoy a late dinner at one of Central Florida’s exceptional restaurants. The early cruise also features Bingo and the opportunity to win the special blackout jackpot prize. Both departures offer live entertainment. It could be a band, singer, or magic show. Late afternoon passengers enjoy activities like nightclub dancing and a DJ.

Make your reservations at this exciting casino in Central Florida as soon as your travel dates are confirmed. If you have the time, schedule an early departure one day and late departure the next. Enjoy the excitement that VCC offers and book your seats now by calling 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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