Las Vegas Style Sports Betting Near Winter Haven

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Sports betting is so addictive and so difficult at the same time (probably the reason why it entices many people and turns them into loyal fans for life).

You need specific knowledge, understanding of team dynamics or athlete strengths and weaknesses. That knowledge, in combination with an analytical mind, will give you the chance to master the betting the game.

Unfortunately, legal sports betting opportunities are only a few and far between.

If you reside in the Winter Haven area, you’re in luck. Florida’s sole legal sportsbook lounge is available a short distance away.

Las Vegas Style Sports Betting Near Winter Haven

Victory Casino Cruises offers Las Vegas style sports betting near winter haven.

The authentic experience is available seven days per week, two times per day. Our cruises depart from Port Canaveral and shuttle services are available to make commuting easier. Each cruise will give you five to six hours of genuine fun that is as glamorous and glitzy as the casinos in Sin City.

Our ship is also decked with the only sportsbook lounge in Florida. Sit back, chill and watch a game on the large, flat-screen TVs. You can sip on a delicious cocktail while awaiting the results or take some time to decide what event you’re going to bet on.

No casino competitor in Florida can offer the same level of luxury and such a profound experience. Not only will you get to monetize your knowledge of sports events, you’ll benefit from dozens of additional fun things to do.

The ship’s four decks and 40,000 square feet of surface area offer all kind of elegant, VIP casino fun. There are 27 live casino gaming tables, over 600 loose slot machines, five bars, two dining areas and a night club. Chances are that you’ll need to join the crew at least a couple of times to explore all of these Vegas-style exciting opportunities.

Testing Your Knowledge of Sports Has Never Been Easier

Whether you have a ton of experience or you’ve never done sports betting before, Victory Casino Cruises awaits you. We promise a ton of fun in a cool and sophisticated environment you’d want to enjoy again and again.


To book your day of adventure, give us a call now at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).





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