Las Vegas Style Sports Betting Near Gainesville in Florida

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You’ve probably heard all the buzz about sports betting in Las Vegas. Numerous facilities across the strip give sports aficionados a chance to monetize their loyalty for a particular team or test their knowledge of a sport they love.

If only such an option were available near Gainesville in Florida… Oh wait, it is!

Are you looking for Las Vegas style sports betting near Gainesville in Florida? If so, Victory Casino Cruises has you covered.

Sports Betting the Vegas Way

Las Vegas style sports betting near Gainesville in Florida isn’t just about winning some cash. It allows you to explore a passion, an affiliation with a team you have had for years. Anyone who has ever tried sports betting before will tell you that it’s a lot more than a game of luck.

Victory Casino Cruises give you the chance to monetize your knowledge in comfortable, luxurious surroundings. We offer the only 100 percent legitimate Sportsbook in Florida that’s available seven days a week.

Our Sportsbook Lounge gives you the essentials (and some of the luxuries) required to make the day a memorable experience. Bet on your favorite team or event – we have a good range of choices for you. From NFL to College Basketball, from boxing to hockey, you can bet on that event in our lounge.

When you’re done, sit back, relax and enjoy a few hours of raw sports passion. Our lounge is equipped with flat screen TVs that display key matches and other events. You can order a drink at the bar or have a delicious snack while cheering on your favorite athletes in the company of other sports connoisseurs.

Safe, Legitimate and Stylish: Everything Sports Betting Should Be

Las Vegas style sports betting near Gainesville in Florida is the ultimate experience.

It’s time to start planning a perfect day out for the guys. If you don’t know how to get started, check out the Victory Casino Cruises website. There, you’ll find extensive information about SportsBoook lines and spreads.

You can also call us today at 885-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286) for additional information and assistance.





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