Las Vegas Comes to the Orlando Area 

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsIt’s very common for Florida residents to live in Las Vegas during the wintertime when the weather is more to their liking. While there, they enjoy the excitement and bright lights of the casinos. A recent surprise is that Vegas style gaming has traveled to Florida, and it’s there to stay! How easy is it for residents and visitors to find the action?

Look for the big winning smiles as you pass people on the street. You might see the headline “Las Vegas Comes to the Orlando, Florida are!” on a travel magazine. Water sports are great ways to spend the day. Sophisticated amusement parks are benchmarks of the Orlando area. Golf and tennis enable the daily dose of sunshine. These activities pale in comparison to a 5-hour adventure with Victory Casino Cruises.

Passengers are astounded at the low cost to come aboard, sail away and return. The amount and style of food service is determined by which of the two daily cruises you select. Guests enjoy sitting on the open deck sharing a drink with friends. Others enjoy the casino-style entertainment, from shows to songs. On weekends, there’s dancing to music served up by the DJ.

So far, Las Vegas comes to the Orlando, Florida area with an economical cruise. Add visiting with friends, drinking, dancing, good food and entertainment. That’s Vegas action, with the Atlantic cruise replaced by one on Lake Mead. But there’s more offered on both sides of the country!

The Players Card, aptly named Victory, earns comps based on the ship-wide Vegas Style Gaming. Slot machines flash glitz and glamour while customers play their favorite machines. Video poker machines are identical to those found in Vegas casinos. Dealers at the card tables follow the same guidelines of customer courtesy and support as their counterparts at the classiest casinos in Vegas.

It’s time to treat yourself and someone special to the latest entertainment in the city. Las Vegas comes to the Orlando, Florida area in style. Make reservations today by calling 855-GO-VICTORY!


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