Karaoke at Casinos in Florida!


Karaoke with DJ DI

Every Monday on the PM cruise, step up to the mic with our guest karaoke DJ DI in Big Norm’s Club V. As a top karaoke DJ for over 20 yrs, she will be sure to bring the entertainment to Big Norm’s Club V. Get your vocal cords ready and become a “star” on Victory!

Karaoke can be a dangerous endeavor. What can you sing that won’t make friends shun you? How can you go all-out during your next performance? Here are some tips to make your next music adventure with DJ DI rock out!

1. Don’t go without pals. And I’m not talking about that douche bag Johnny who thinks his sarcasm is an endearing way to toughen people up. Go with friends who are supportive, who you’ll hear clapping the loudest as you finish up your song. Their confidence and pride in you will be infectious. Besides, if you freak out while singing, you can always beg a friend (or the DJ) to come up and help.

2. Don’t reach for the heavens. Look, I know you’ll want to sing something that will knock everyone’s socks off, but don’t stray too far from what’s within your vocal range and what you’re familiar with. You’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible your first time out, and it’s hard to do that if you’re attempting a falsetto that you don’t actually have.

3. Don’t forget to practice. Pre-karaoke, make a list of songs you love and know inside-out. Practice those suckers every chance you get, because those will become your go-to selections. Sometimes choosing a tune at the bar can be overwhelming to newbies (and veterans, too). Having a list you’re confident about will take a bit of that edge away.

4. Don’t be a downer. I implore you to pay attention to your audience. If most of the barflies are singing festive pop, choose something from your list that’s in the same vein. It’s hard enough to sing alone for the first time; you won’t want to compound that with people shooting you dirty looks or going outside for a smoke because you ruined the mood with “A Long December.” Bonus: you’ll naturally smile and relax more if you sing something fun.

5. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t get sloshed and do obscene things with the microphone. Don’t crowd the DJ or ask for her number. Don’t chat at your table louder than someone is singing. Don’t forget to clap for everyone, even that one girl who unwisely performs “My Heart Will Go On.” But most of all, don’t worry; someone somewhere sings worse than you do.

Daytime cruises set sail at 11 a.m. and return around 4 p.m., with the night time cruises leaving at 7 p.m. and returning at the midnight hour. Advanced dining prices range between $15 and $20. 18 to gamble and 21 to drink.

Victory is one of the best casinos in Florida. You can easily book your ticket online now, or if you have any questions, simply call 855-GO-VICTORY.


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