Yesterday… word lots of rain!…..great way to stay dry is to go on  a Victory Casino Cruise….!!  The winds were 10-15 and the waves were only 1-2 ft.  Good cruising weather a great ride for both cruises.
Today will be Southwest winds 10-15….nice summer weather….looks like more rain and waves will be 1-2 feet.  The ride will be great all day…..
Don’t forget Sunday we are on our summer schedule and we will have (2) cruises.  The first will be 12 noon to 6 pm and the second will be 7 pm to midnight……the weather will be great for both cruises with winds west an northwest 10-15.
High and Dry:  The Victory 1 is quite a sight when she is high and dry in the dry dock. The vessel weighs in at about 3000 long tons….we have fixed stabilizers low on the hull that give the ship the appearance of some sort of an airplane.  They are about 200 ft long and 8 ft wide.  They are attached to the ship at about a 60 degree angle and stick out like a set of wings on both sides of the ship.  These were added in the late eighties and were added to dampen the motion of the ship.  Once tested the Naval Architects that designed them estimated that they reduced the motion of the ship by about 20-30%.
Capt Tim