Its great to be back!  First of all the weather….this is the weather blog after all……
This entire weekend is going to be great…..light southerly winds…and flat seas….Our post-yard inaugural cruise was a great success and the weather cooperated with a perfect day.  The rest of the weekend looks great….
Our Successful return….Any Coach/Captain could not ask for more….I say I hand picked my “A” team to come to Jacksonville and pull off the impossible task of getting the boat ready for passengers in 18 hours….well the “A-2” team waiting on the pier upon arrival proved they were up to completing the task….It was a enjoyable 2 hours…As I docked the ship I only hoped the  waiting Victory team members would not jump to the rails like a band of Marauding Pirates!!!
It is always a great feeling when your plan comes off without a hitch….we had several truckloads of junk, tools, parts and pieces and general debris to come off the ship….through the night “A”  team had gathered it into a huge pile near the main deck entrance fwd of the door…..We also had several truckloads of food, beer, fuel, water, and general supplies stacked up on the pier…waiting to come on for the first cruise…we had 700 reservations of Loyal Victory guests….and we damn sure were not going to let them down!!!
I reminded me of peering down at hard working “ant hill” as a kid…..We had two chain gangs set up and the debris was moving off the fwd side of the gangway and the supplies were moving down the after side….at the same time the trucks and forklifts were coming and going…..
I was inspired to jump in and lend a hand….but a good Captain always knows when he is needed….but just as importantly knows when to stay to heck  out of the way and let his Crew do their job…..
End Result…..We arrived at 0724…..we opened the passenger Gangway at 1000.  We loaded 716 loyal guests….and sailed for a great cruise….
Thank You Team Victory!!   I spent my career knowing a Captain is only as good as his crew….Feed em, pay em, train em,  treat them fairly….and they will always make you look good!!
See you on Board…
Capt Tim


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