The Day Cruise on Thursday was a typical summer day cruise. The winds were light from the south in the morning and then “onshore” easterly in the afternoon. The ride was smooth as the waves were only 1-2 feet.

Today will be more of the same.  Light winds and waves only 1-2 feet.

Don’t forget our Midnight Madness cruise this weekend.  On Saturday night after our return from our night cruise at 1230AM we will sail again at 0130 and return at 0530 AM.
Mother Nature:  I often mention the “typical summer” weather and the “onshore” afternoon winds.  The onshore wind is Mother Natures air conditioning…..this is how she evens out the temperatures in the afternoons.  As the Sun heats up during the day the land heats up much faster than the Ocean.  This is partially because the Ocean reflects a large portion of the sunlight and the land absorbs it.  By afternoon there is a large imbalance.  The land mass is a lot higher temperature than the temperature over the water…Mother Nature then hits the switch on the A/C and the wind starts to blow from the Ocean…”onshore” to the land and cools the land.
Ha….and you thought is was some brilliant scientist that came up with the concept of air conditioning….8-)
Come sail with us,
Capt Tim


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