We did not sail for the day cruise yesterday due to our annual USCG passenger certificate inspection.  The evening cruise was a good ride with Southwesterly winds about 10-12 kts and waves 1-2 feet.

Today will be another hot summer day with light winds in the morning and onshore easterly winds in the afternoon. The waves will be 1-2 feet and the ride will be nearly calm.

Congratulations to my crew!  We had a great inspection yesterday.  I am proud to inform you that the USCG inspectors gave us the highest marks and had high praise for the performance of the crew in the emergency drills.  Because this was our Annual Inspection as opposed to our full exercise.  The CG simulated a complete disaster with the ship engulfed in flames and sinking.  They also eliminated the entire Port side rescue boats and Life rafts.  The Captain had to improvise….more importantly I had to pass this complete change of plan down the line of communication to the crew….The crew reaction and performance was outstanding…This coming from the USCG Inspectors is a tribute to the skills and training of our crew….
Bottom line is our passengers can come sail with us knowing we have a well trained professional crew watching out for their safety in any situation.
Come sail with us..
Capt Tim


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