Hello Everyone….it is nice to be back….
First the weather….Typical Florida summer weather with light and variable winds and calm seas…..not much to report….summer is a beautiful time for enjoying a 5-hour cruise on the Victory 1.
Winds will be 5-10kts from the South West in the afternoon. Waves will be less than 2 feet.  The ride will be smooth.
Annual pilgrimage to my roots:  I have been away visiting my family in Maine…..first the weather….beautiful bright sunny and cool (75 degrees) days……nights (65 degrees)….lake water a refreshing 75…about as warm as it gets in the lakes in Maine…lol….What did I do for fun…well you guessed it….drove a boat of course…:).  Accept this boat was 20ft long and was usually pulling an inner tube with a couple of kids screaming for me to “slow down!” 
Well it is nice to be back and I will look forward to seeing our loyal cruisers and I hope a lot of new faces….I will be “driving” again starting with the day cruise on Thursday and through the weekend….
Come sail with me:)
Capt Tim


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