Monday and Monday night were good cruises despite the high wind forecast. The winds were from the North and we again took advantage of the protection of Cape Canaveral and the reefs from the North winds.
This morning the winds are a little stronger but still from the north and northwest.  Seas (waves) will be 3/4 with some minor motion of the ship.  It will be a bright sunny beautiful day.  The forecast is for the winds to diminish throughout the afternoon.
The rest of the week Wednesday through the weekend is forecast for light northerly winds.
Will be another week for great cruises on the Victory 1.

Captains At SEA observation Tuesday AM cruise.

Beautiful bright sunny day out here.  The winds are up to about 25 kts as predicted in all forecasts.  HOWEVER The seas are only 2-3 feet as predicted by my morning blog. The ride is very good with only a slight vessel motion. We are operating just 4 miles off the beach so we are under protection of the Cape and the north reefs.