My name is Captain Levensaler, and I have been been sailing as Captain on the local casino ships since 1998.  I created this blog to give you an accurate account of weather, and sailing conditions for the areain which Victory I sails.  I have outlined the special circumstances below which allows Victory to have an all around smoother sail than the conditions listed in most local weather reports.

Port Canaveral:  The port is unique in that its geographical location offers natural barriers that significantly moderate the forecasted weather in our operating area. Specifically this would be “The Cape” itself  and the shallow barrier reefs that extend out 7 miles from the Cape.  This allows us to operate in protected waters through the fall and winter season when the winds are predominately from the North and Northeast. 
Operating Area:  The Victory l operates in a very small area between 3 and 5 miles east and northeast of the Port Canaveral ship channel entrance. This area is protected by the Cape and reefs mentioned above.
Local Weather Broadcast Venues:  All of the local weather forecast venues get their information form the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) websites.  These websites offer a very general forecast for waters 20 and even 60 miles offshore in unprotected waters.  The winds and, more importantly, the seas (waves) in our operating area are in actuality a fraction on the broadcast heights.
Captain Levensaler will be offering a weekly forecast on this Blog. He will also offer daily blog updates highlighted with actual weather observations from on board the vessel.  This will give our passengers and potential passengers a more realistic expectation of what to expect for the voyage and near future voyages. 


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