Secret Tips On How To Get On Survivor!

Getting on a reality show such as Survivor is practically everyone’s dream these days. Many reality TV stars have taken their time on a program and turned themselves into a brand. With all the competition to get on Survivor, producers have to sift through thousands of applications before choosing the final cast. Victory Casino is hosting auditions in their terminal on Sunday, April 10th from 10am-2pm, which gives you a real-life sit down with the decision makers, choosing the next cast of Survivor. Are you looking to be the next cast away? You have to make yourself stand out among crowd. While there’s no perfect formula to getting on the Emmy Award-winning series, there are 11 things that you can do to increase your chances.

  1. According to Survivor producers, they want cast members with life experience who know how to negotiate and work with others. Real world experience is KEY so it is important to have traveled and volunteer to enhance your people skills.
  2. Watch the show and be informed about the instructions for casting. Follow the directions and include the requested information. Make sure you have your US Passport.
  3. Be an extreme version of yourself. Don’t try to change your personality to get on the show.
  4. Apply through multiple channels. Go to casting calls, like the one on Sunday April 10th at Victory Casino and then make a video. You never know what exactly will catch the attention of the producers.
  5. Make the first 15 seconds of your video and interview pop to keep the producer’s attention. If you can’t engage the producer, you won’t be able to keep the audience engaged.
  6. Be interesting at the casting call. Remember that Survivor is challenging, both mentally and physically. Demonstrate what you have that indicates you can overcome the stress you will face on the show.
  7. Be articulate at the casting call. Don’t use filler words, like “uh” or “like.” Tell a story and be specific. For example, instead of saying that you want to change the world, let the producers know how you would do that.
  8. Talk about your flaws and what makes you unique. Give producers a reason to remember your personality. Flaws are not failures.
  9. Avoid talking about your failures. The fact that you just lost your job or home will not improve your chances with the producers. They need more than just serendipity to cast you in the show.
  10. Understand the show to know what it takes to win. Think about the casting call much like a job interview. Discuss the ways you already play the game in your own life or how you apply the game in your work. Have examples of what makes you a winner.
  11. Keep applying through all available avenues. You might be surprised at how much you change in just a couple of years when you’re out in the real world. By gaining people skills, you may up your chances. Reapplying also shows a commitment to attaining your goal.

Victory Casino Cruises is hosting the Survivor Casting Call in their terminal from 10am-2pm.
Do you have what it takes to be the next cast away?

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