Halloween Party in Central Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsAll the signs are here. School buses are on the road as laughing children wait to board and head to school. Baseball divisional championships are being determined and regular season football is underway. It can only mean one thing – October 31st is on the way, bringing a Halloween party in Central Florida for those 21 and over. It’s time to get ready for a frightfully delightful time at sea!

Those who’ve taken the 5 hour evening cruise on Victory Casino Cruises already know the entertainment is terrific on regular sailing schedules. Now’s the chance to experience Halloween fun done Victory style. What better than a magic show? Is the magician really that good or is there some otherworld help going on this mystical night? Decide for yourself, as magicians never tell their secrets.

Passengers are encouraged to design a Space Coast themed costume and enter the costume contest on the October 31st evening cruise. There will be prizes and best of all, there will be fun at this Halloween Party in Central Florida. How many times have you thought of a great outfit and wished there was a spot to wear it? This is opportunity knocking at the door. Don’t ignore it!

The VCC team is rather excited about the spooktacular entertainment planned for this year’s event. Really, it’s to die for, and passengers will enjoy every single minute of it. Although the schedule is under wraps at the moment, chances are good that someone will spill their guts about what’s in store.

The best way to be certain you are part of the crowd is to call for reservations now. Don’t keep this event a secret. Think about who you want to join you aboard the Victory. Get their confirmation. Then call right away to reserve those spots before the Halloween party in Central Florida is booked solid at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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