The Biggest Halloween Costume Contest in the Orlando, Florida Area

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsAre you excited about the two big fall holidays coming up? Halloween and Thanksgiving are wonderful events that bring a lot of glitz and glamour to landscaping, decor and even cruise lines. Victory Casino Cruises is going to have a Halloween costume contest in the Orlando, Florida area on their evening cruise scheduled for October. Be sure to check out our events pages for specific dates and times.

As always, masks and face paint are not allowed. Guests are encouraged to review the dress code restrictions at the website so they are not turned away. That being said, it’s still Halloween and costumes are welcome. Keeping with the theme of this part of Florida, a special prize will be given for the best “Space Coast” costume. How creative can you be? Flaunt that costume when the crew announces that it is time to line up for the judging.

If you aren’t going to make the Zombie’s Takeover, or if you attend and have so much fun you’re ready for more, take advantage of Victory’s Halloween costume contest in the Orlando, Florida area. There’s a magic show and special entertainment that will keep you in the spirit of this October holiday. Remember you will be moving around the ship, so plan your costume accordingly.

One of the best parts of any costume party is the zany pictures that create lasting memories. Have someone take a picture of you and your favorite dealer, or even your favorite slot machine! The Captain will be in great demand, but you’re bound to be able to manage a picture of the two or you.

Flip through old historical pictures or visit some of the local museums to get ideas for this Space Coast theme. It’s never too early to start getting an outfit ready for the VCC Halloween costume contest in the Orlando, Florida area. This is one event that will sell out quickly. Call the friendly staff at Victory Casino Cruises to get your name on the list. Call for reservations now at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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