Get Set for the Ultimate Vegas-Style Casino Action near Kissimmee

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsThe word on the street in Kissimmee is that Victory Casino Cruises has demonstrated once again how exciting Vegas-style casino action is in Florida. Their flagship, Victory I, sails twice daily out of Cape Canaveral. Each cruise carries up to 1200 passengers bound for an Atlantic cruise filled with adventure, excitement, and a wide variety of casino games!

Florida weather is nearly always perfect for sailing. That alone makes an afternoon or evening cruise sound like an ideal way to spend some time. The boarding pass is only $10, and sometimes even less! Just what else has captured the attention of so many people? Here are the games found on the 4 decks of the gaming ship Victory I:

  •     Roulette
  •     Bingo
  •     21 + 3
  •     Blackjack
  •     EZ BAC
  •     Let It Ride
  •     Video Poker
  •     Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em
  •     3 Card Poker
  •     Craps
  •     Slots
  •     Sports Wagers

And speaking of sports wagers, you’ll find this experience much more exciting than plunking $5 down hoping your horse or dog will be one of the top three finishers. If you know Ray Tannehill is going to throw more touchdown passes this week than ever before in his career, pick the Dolphins to win and take a chance on the “Over” bet. Do you have a lucky feeling about next year’s Super Bowl winner? Get in on the futures betting and pick your team to go all the way! A small bet delivers a lot of excitement and if you’re right, winnings. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and so on – when Vegas makes book on the event, VCC’s Vegas-style casino near Kissimmee joins in the action.

This 18-and-older venue has something for everyone to do. You may find one friend working towards winning the Bingo blackout during the early afternoon cruise while another friend is searching for the Royal Flush in Video Poker. Still another may be sipping a Mai Tai on the open deck by the Dolphin Bar. Even though the experiences are different, they’ll all have fun!

Plan and book your Vegas-style casino cruise near Kissimmee before the spaces are all taken! Pick a date and make the arrangements. Call today for reservations at 855-GO-VICTORY.



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