When It Comes to Fun Things to do in Central Florida, Victory Casino Cruises Should Be at the Top of Your List

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsWhen it comes to fun things to do in Central Florida the possibilities are endless including the usual; shopping, restaurants, theatres, museums, amusement parks, and bars; all great activities but to add more spice and excitement to your “TTD” list in Central Florida check out the Victory Casino cruises, America’s best (and biggest) casino cruise ship.

Instead of spending hours in an average bar or restaurant, imagine how awesome it would be to board a beautiful cruise ship, enjoying live entertainment, playing your favorite slot machines (more than 600), craps or blackjack; basically any popular game favorites you’d find in gambling Mecca; Las Vegas. Even better, when it comes to fun things to do in Central Florida, it just doesn’t get better than playing Bingo as you cruise the Atlantic in the ship’s Big Norm’s Club V, available on every AM cruise. Club V is also a great place to hang out during the evening as well, offering something great every night including drink specials, music, DJ’s, dancing, Karaoke night and their gorgeous Hot V girls.

Looking for a great place to kick back and relax? Then you’ll want to add the Victory’s Sportsbook Lounge to your list of fun things to do in Central Florida. The Sportsbook Lounge provides comfortable seating, and an extensive bar that is lined with video poker; a fantastic place to chill out.

Victory’s fun and exciting atmosphere presents the perfect backdrop for an exceptional array of mouthwatering meals and a selection of fresh salads and seafood. You’ll love the variety of delicious food and drinks served on the Victory.

Now for an awesome added perk – the ships Victory card (available in 3 levels). There aren’t many fun things to do in Central Florida (or Las Vegas) that allows you to earn free stuff. Book your reservations and hop on board today and you’ll be able to sign up for the card of your choice, earning your rewards while gamble, playing your favorite games. Once you’ve earned points you can redeem your rewards for everything from boarding passes to delicious buffet meals, beverages and more. Reward yourself today on a Victory Casino Cruise – call 855-GO-VICTORY.



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