Mark your calendars now for Sunday afternoon November 3rd. We will have a special concert in Big Norm’s Club V featuring
Fran Cosmo. The former lead singer of the band Boston.

Cosmo was first featured on guitarist Barry Goudreau’s self-titled solo album in 1980, a prelude to the formation
of Orion the Hunter in 1983. Orion the Hunter released an album in 1984 on Columbia Records, which yielded a hit
single “So You Ran.” In 1994, Cosmo was featured as the sole lead vocalist on the platinum Boston album Walk On,
which reached #7 on the Billboard Charts and produced three hit singles, including “I Need Your Love”,
which climbed to #4 on the Mainstream Rock Chart. Upon Brad Delp’s return to Boston for the concert tour
(Delp never missed a Boston tour until his death in 2007), the two shared vocals in concert,
where Delp said Cosmo covered “the really tough high parts.”.[1] In 1997, Cosmo was again featured on 2
of the songs Boston’s ‘Greatest Hits’ Album, and took an even larger role in the 2002 album Corporate America,
with the addition of co-production to his credits as vocalist.

Cosmo performed in Boston tours from 1994 to 2004, and currently performs in a band with his son, Anton Cosmo
(also a former member of Boston)

They are set to rock the stage in Club V on November 3rd on the noon cruise. This will be an acoustic performance featuring
all of your favorite songs from the Boston Years.

The one comment we heard so much from last years Summer Concert Series was that it is so nice to see a show
that is meant to be seen by thousands, performed for only a few hundred people. See this show up close and
personal, in an intimate setting.

Come hear the Voice of a generation Fran Cosmo,November 3rd at Noon.

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