Five Fun Things to do at Night near Kissimmee, Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsIf you’re going to be within a couple of hours of this part of the state, here are five 21 and over evening events for fun near Kissimmee, Florida. These aren’t the events where you feel the odd man or woman out if you’re a single. Each of these ideas is better because there are people around you having as good of a time as you are.

Take a drive over to Cape Canaveral and stop at some of the boutiques and surf shops along the way. Window shopping is still a wonderful way to have fun. You’ll appreciate the originality of crafters as they work cloth, metal and wood into unique forms of art. Whether you’re browsing or buying, it’s a blast.

Sail into the sunset to spend a few hours cruising on the Atlantic. The larger watercrafts of today are tempered with stabilizers to keep the rocky motion under control. You can book a space on the Victory for less than $20. This second item of fun things to do at night near Kissimmee, Florida is an ideal time to take selfies with the harbor lights in the background. Your friends will be so envious!

Take part in a Texas Hold ‘Em game and pit your skill against other players at the table. Internet poker is fun, but live action where your poker face really counts causes that adrenaline rush. The fourth thing is to walk through this four-deck casino gaming ship, take in all the excitement and pick one of the 600 modern electronic slots to play.

Finally, stop in at the nightclub-styled Club V and dare to present your favorite song accompanied by the background of the karaoke machine. Dance if you like and let your hair down! It’s your time to enjoy these fun things to do at night near Kissimmee, Florida. How do you get in on this voyage? Pick your day and call the friendly VCC operators today at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).


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