Yesterday mother nature let us know she is an independent lady….the forecast called for winds from the north 10-15. The winds were from the north but were up to 25-30 kts at times.  This did not effect us much as the wind and the waves were from the north and we were again protected in our operating area. Waves were 2-3 ft and the motion of the ship was minor. 
Today the winds are forecast at 10-15 from the north and northeast.  This will produce waves around 2 ft. We will have a very good ride.  As I write the (0600) the ship is a quiet place….and the winds are about 10 kts.  The Chefs are coming on board to prepare our popular buffet…..the ship will come alive for another day.
Yesterday we completed our 2-day quarterly USCG inspection.  We completed the inspection by taking 3-USCG inspector out to sea for 3 hours.  My crew had to demonstrate their training and capability to
1. Fight any fire that may occur on board. 2. Respond to any medical emergency 3. Retrieve a man overboard with our rescue boat. 4. Evacuate the ship in an orderly manner 5. Put 1200 passengers into our lifeboats and get them away from the ship in less than 20 minutes.
It was a busy morning.  We would like to thank all of our day cruise passengers for their patience. We were able to complete all these tasks and still make our day cruise.  However we did sail 30 minutes late in the name of Safety!
Capt Tim