Yesterday was a fine day on both cruises.  Light easterly winds during the day and then flat calm on the night trip.  Mother nature continues to be nice….
Right now (7am) it is glassy calm at the jetty’s with the 3 mile buoy coming in at 1-2 ft.  It will be another beautiful day here at the Cape in our operating area.
winds will be 10-12kts from the southeast.  Waves will remain 1-2 ft.
The outlook for the weekend including Super Sunday is more of the same….come join us for our special cruise from 5pm to 11pm.
Nautical Terms:  Pitch is the motion of the ship facing forward and aft…ie the bow rising and falling in the waves.  This generally affects people prone to seasickness the least.  This is why when we do have waves over 2ft we try to put the bow or stern directly into them.