Mondays cruises were a smooth ride with gray skies and rain showers. 
Today will be more of the same with light southerly winds in the forecast.  Seas will be 1-2 feet and the ride will be smooth.  Come join us for the best Casino Cruise in the South.
Ship Fact:  I get a lot of people curious just where we go when we get to the 3-mile limit??  Normally once we get to international waters we put one engine on Idle ahead and one engine in neutral.  With the large engines and large propellers the SLOWEST the ship is capable of going is about 3kts. (4.5mph) This is with one propeller turning. We then run what we call a “race track pattern” which is a large oval pattern about 3 miles long on each side.  We always pick our direction to provide the best ride for our guests.
Capt Tim