Wednesday’s cruises were a good ride with winds form the Southwest at 10-15. Waves were 2-3 feet so we kept them directly on bow and stern for best results.
Today the winds are forecast at 15-20 from the South west and seas 2-3 feet.  It will be the same as yesterday and will be a good ride.  The forecast says the winds will decrease throughout the day and come to the West.  This will make for a great cruise tonight for our “Dennis Rodman” cruise.  Come and meet the famous NBA star!!
Victory Fact: We are doing something right.  Our passenger counts are rising.  The word is getting out that we are the Best Casino experience in Florida. We had a record breaking day this week with over 1000 passengers.   Thanks to you all for your patronage!!
Did you know:  The ships “Displacement”  is the amount of water the ship displaces when it floats.  If you weighed this water it would equal the exact weight of the ship if you put it on a bathroom scale!!
Capt Tim