Yesterday was a great day for Captain’s Cove.  The winds were high at 20-25 kts from the Northwest.  The waves in Captain’s Cove were 1-2 feet.  We stayed in the North end of our operating area all day under the shelter of the natural reefs at Cape Canaveral.  Bright sunny breezy day.
Today winds are forecast at 10-15 kts.  It will be a very nice ride with seas (waves) at 1-3 ft.  Come out and join us for a great day.
Nautical Terms 101.  I thought I would throw these out there. A lot of times when we are making our announcements on the loud speaker we use these terms. We just assume everyone knows them….if you do…bear with me…if you don’t… here is a review…
Bow-front of the boat
Stern-Back of the boat
Midships-Middle of the boat
Port side-left hand side of the boat facing bow
Starboard side-Right hand side of the boat facing bow.
Forward-toward the bow
Aft-toward the stern
Note to Guests….if you have any specific questions you would like answered…..visit us on Facebook and we will try to get them answered!!
Capt Tim