Sunday was a breezy day and a little cool in Captain’s Cove.  As forecast the winds were from the west so the seas (waves) never got above 2ft in our operating area.
Today the winds will be 15-20 kts from the North West.  This will be the same effect.  It will be breezy and the seas are predicted at 4-6 feet offshore…..BUT in Captains cove the seas will be about 2 feet.
The ride will be smooth on the Victory 1.
Gangway Safety:  We have been getting some critical comments from customers on the disembarking (exiting the vessel) procedure, particularly delays.  When the very large cruise ships pass our dock they create a bow wave and and a very large “hole” in the water.  This is because it is a very large vessel passing down a very small body of water.   As the ship approaches us it is pushing a “wave” of water ahead of it that pushes our ship forward as well.  Then as it passes the “hole” that it creates causes a large suction pulling us away from the pier as the water rushes back into this “hole” as the ship passes us.
All this causes our ship to move forward and then out away from the pier.  This creates a potentially dangerous situation that could damage our gangway and injure our passengers and crew.  I avoid this situation by taking the gangway off for about 5 minutes as the ships pass.
I ask you all to understand and please be patient in the name of safety!!
Capt Tim