Saturday’s cruises were ideal with smooth seas and light winds…….
Today…..back to Captain’s Cove….another good day to promote our special operating area.  The forecast as you can see on the public broadcasts is for gusty winds and small craft advisories….HOWEVER,,,the winds will be from the West and Northwest….which is directly from the beach (westerly) and over the Cape (northwesterly)…we will be completely protected from these winds…The winds will be fresh but the waves in Captains Cove will be 1-2 feet.  THE RIDE WILL BE SMOOTH.
Come join us…..for a great Sunday cruise….
Nautical Terms:  DRAFT:  This is a standard and very important nautical term used around the world. This is the distance measured in feet or meter from the waters surface to the very bottom (keel) of the ship. In other words this is how much water the vessel needs to float.  It is required on all commercial vessels to have this marked on the forward and after part to the vessel.  If you look you will see the actual numbers welded on both sides of the bow and stern of the Victory 1.  Victory 1 “Draws” about 12 ft at the stern and about 10 ft at the bow.  Of course this number vary slightly with the amount of water, fuel, passengers…ect that are currently on board.
Capt Tim