Wednesday’s cruises….well nothing to report….flat calm seas and light breezes….a lot of guests enjoying our outside Dolphin Bar and Ticki deck….
Today will be more of the same.  Warm temperatures, light breezes and sunshine…..
Makes for a boring weather Blog…..but for great days to cruise….Welcome to Florida 🙂
Did You Know:  Ships Crew: Yesterday I told you about the ships Captain and first Mate…yes these are important guys….but we also have (6) Able Bodied Seaman..these are the guys that take care of all the necessary tasks to make sure the ship goes to sea safely….there are just to many to list here but…tasks like….Releasing all the mooring lines when we are ready to go….sending them all back to the dock when we come back….putting out and taking back the gangways….they also are the guys that push your wheelchair up the gangway if you needed a little help….They are the guys with the white shirts with 2-gold stripes on the shoulder…These men are also certified by the USCG and have to complete a long list of special training courses to the satisfaction of the Coast Guard.  They also have to be re certified every 5 years..
Capt Tim