Tuesdays cruises were great weather cruises…warm sunny day off the beach light winds and near flat seas…..
On board early this morning.  The mornings are beautiful this week.  Looking out to sea,  the water is glassy calm.  Both cruises today will be perfect weather with light southerly winds and seas near flat…..hey!  maybe I will wander out of “Captains Cove” and take a scenic ride down the beach past the Cocoa Beach Pier and Patrick Air Force Base…..
Did You Know:  The Victory 1 has (14) life rafts on board each with a capacity of 100 persons.  These are the large white canisters you will notice on the upper decks aft.  We have 4 large slides at the main deck similar to what the large airliners have. This is how the rafts would be boarded.   These rafts are required to be opened up and re-certified every single year!  The USCG is very strict on this.  Take a look at the decals on each raft…it is dated with a specific month and year…this is also a USCG requirement.  This is so at a glance…..Crew/USCG/The Captain…and any concerned passenger can know that the rafts are currently certified safe for use….
Yet another reason US flag ships are the safest in the world….
Enjoy your cruise….
Capt Tim