Yesterday was a nice day for cruising.  We had our typical winter weather with winds at 15 kts and waves 2-3 ft.  The ride was nice and we had a great cruise…
Today is the perfect day to observe  the public weather broadcast as it compares to real local conditions in our operating area.  The winds are forecast at 20-25 kts by this afternoon….but…not to worry….these wind will be Northwest and they will be blowing directly off the beach and Cape Canaveral.  The “fetch” (see nautical definition below) will only be about 4-5 miles….so although wind and waves will have a blustery effect with lots of whitecaps…..the waves will only have time to build to 1-3 feet. 
In other words if you wander out to our outside Dolphin Ticki Bar…..the most serious concern will be losing your hat!!!
Nautical Term:  FETCH-  The distance over water in the direction from which the wind is blowing.  Waves build over distance.  So the less distance over water…the smaller the waves.
 Nautical Memory Aid: “The wind we name FROM where it blows….the current we name TO WHERE it flows”  In other words a “southerly”  wind and a “northerly” current go in the same direction.  Go figure :-\
Capt Tim