Fat Tuesday-10X points for Victory Casino Cruises



Florida is bubbling with sheer joy and anticipation; everyone is tingling with excitement. Want to know why? The one and only, all-time favorite Dunning Shaw will grace us with his rib cracking antics and his amazing sultry voice taking you to places you will not want to leave. Thought that was all? Fat chance huh, well, you are welcome to indulge in Fat Tuesday-10X points on the beautiful Victory Casino Cruises the nearest casino to Orlando Florida with close proximity to Kissimmee, Osceola County. As one of the most sort casinos in florida area, it has availability of vacation travel rentals, quality world class hotels and a sound economic base for business.

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday as it is commonly known is an event that exalts carnival celebrations before or after Christian feasts. During the Mardi Gras celebrations, you are allowed to go all out with the costumes. It involves wearing masks, costumes, dancing, overturning social events, parades, sports and the like. The cuisine tends to bend towards traditional foods like pancakes and fried pastries. For the first time you get to receive Mardi Gras beads from stilt walkers and even have a photo for keeps. While at it, play and earn 10x points on the slots. You can use your points for food, beverages, boarding and in the gift shop.

Dunning Shaw, the icing on the cake, gets to entertain you on the cruise. With his versatile, amazing vocals Dunning Shaw has traveled the world taking us all by storm with his vocal prowess and ability reviewed by many as breathtaking. From his first grade ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ performance to entertaining his fellow nursing staff through to Disney where he made a name for himself, Shaw is truly passionate and has come a long way with all his hard work. Now he owns his entertaining company and has his album. He has managed to share a stage with big stars like Clay Walker, Lee Ann Womack, Kenny Chesney and Alabama and many rock and roll musicians too. He has also provided the opening for groups like; The Righteous Brothers, Ronnie Millsap and Wayne Newton.Dunning through his versatility and breathtaking vocal range has earned himself the name,’ The Man of a Thousand Voices’. The tickets are at fair prices, grab one.

Without betting where’s the fun? There are a collection of betting games, poker, blackjack and other fun games in the casino. You just could hit the lottery.Fun games, good food, music at its best with a star, well, what are you waiting for? It’s a date, this 9th February make Victory Casino Cruises your top destination, the closest casino to Orlando Florida area both on the AM and PM cruises.


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