It’s a brand-new year and we want to bring something new to our valued members to say, “Thank You!” As our gift to you, we’re introducing a new benefit – something extra on top of your current weekly rewards.

Starting mid-January, you will receive an EXTRA Bounce Back Slot Play Reward based on your play, each time you play your favorite slot machine. *

The more you play, the higher the reward you can earn!

Bounce Back Rewards are special…they can be earned every time you play, can be combined with your regular weekly rewards for extra, added value, and can be earned multiple times, without limit!

These rewards are only valid for 3 days after they are posted to your account. Be sure to check your Members’ Corner page EVERY DAY to see if you’ve earned a reward, because you will want to be sure to use it before it expires!

We wanted to give you some advance notice of this new benefit, so you could plan ahead. Keep checking your Members’ Corner page and expect to see your newest reward posting by mid-January.

* Minimum reward value is $5 – players must achieve minimum play level threshold to receive reward benefit. Bounce Back Rewards are earned based on level of regular slot play only. Bounce Back Rewards will be posted to Members’ Corner 48 hours after last visit. Bounce Back Rewards may be combined with Weekly Free Slot Play or Match Play awards but are only valid for Free Slot Play.
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