Victory Casino Presents Donna Moore’s Holiday Spectacular



Get in the Holiday Spirit with Donna Moore’s Holiday Spectacular


The seasoned singer Donna Moore is one of the most accomplished performers of her time. That’s why during this festive season, you should get into the holiday spirit with Donna Moore’s holiday spectacular. Donna will be performing on the Victory Casino AM Cruise on Saturday December 19th and you should be there to sing along with her and her friends.

Get on America’s Biggest and Best Casino Cruise Ship

The Victory Casino Cruise is America’s biggest and best casino cruise ship with a host of machines, table games, blackjack casino, and poker games. You will love the four deck Vegas style casino arrangement and five hours of cruise. You will also love the panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, exquisite food and free drink while you are gaming.

Lovely and Enthralling Music on a Lovely Cruise

With Donna Moore on board the cruise, you get to listen to some of the most enchanting Wild, Wild West country music. She has an enthralling voice that can impersonate sixteen celebrities. During the five hour cruise, you will get to listen to this voice as the Donna Moore’s holiday spectacular takes you on a lovely cruise. Donna is also a great comedian and you will be fully entertained by her humor.   

Enjoy the Nutcracker Holiday Special  

Donna Moore is one of the few multitalented entertainers and has a long and diverse history in the entertainment world. During the Donna Moore’s holiday spectacular event, you can listen to her melodious signing; you can also laugh at her rib cracking funny comedy. And you will enjoy her impersonation of other characters as she makes a portrayal of their characters in her playacts. This will definitely be a nutcracker holiday spectacular that you should not miss.

Get Entertained and Become a Winner

Imagine the atmosphere during the shows, and then imagine you being part of this awesome event. Any festivity feast would be incomplete without this legendary performer’s act. There will be enough time to spend at the machines, table games, blackjack casino, and poker games. This means that you will get first class entertainment as well as a chance to become a winner as you spin your way to some great money. You can make your dreams come true during the Victory Casino Cruise and will be in for an unforgettable moment.

Whatever you do, don’t miss the Donna Moore’s holiday spectacular. Come and be part of a whole new level of the casino experience at Victory Casino Cruise. You could be the next big winner!


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