Did Lindsey Duke Help Blake Bortles Become a NFL Draft Pick

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsBlake Bortles is considered to be ahead of the rest in the NFL Draft this year. He has been called the “best of this year’s offerings” by respected coaches and team managers, and it is obvious that he takes his calling to the big leagues seriously.

Of course, just because he’s ahead of the pack, that doesn’t mean that he is 100% ready for the big leagues. He has been training hard to be prepared for the day that he is called up to play for the NFL, and his game has improved significantly in the last few months. Hopefully, by the time that he is picked, he will be at the level that he needs to be to hold his own against the greats that will face him.

But, he has been given an edge that none of the other draft picks for this year will have: he has a girlfriend that is more famous than he is!

His girlfriend is none other than Lindsey Duke, a fellow UCF student that has become an overnight internet celebrity thanks to the sexy pictures that she posted on Facebook. The bikini shots of the blond bombshell are nothing scandalous, but they immediately drew the attention of the internet. Within a few short weeks of the pictures being posted, there have been 6 million Google searches for “Lindsey Duke pictures”.

The young UCF student has already been hired as a model for a number of Florida companies, including Victory Casino Cruises. She has become the face of many companies, and the public spotlight has been shining on her fairly steadily for the last few months.

With that in mind, it’s likely that her celebrity has led to the success of her football star boyfriend. She has been getting a lot of attention, and her relationship to the soon-to-be NFL star could very well be the reason that he is in the top spot for the NFL Draft. He has earned his place near the top, but the success of his girlfriend might just have been that extra little push he needed. He’s a lucky man – in more ways than one!


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