Celebrate your birthday on Victory Casino in Florida!



You can also spend your Birthday on Victory Casino Cruises with your group of friends. Other than hitting your local bar or catching up in the backyard, make it a cruise at Club V, and you will not be disappointed. At Victory Casino Cruises you will get the chance to enjoy mouth-watering and tantalizing cuisines made from the best ingredients and prepared by top notch chefs.

If your birthday is in the month of August, come out and celebrate with Victory on Wednesday, August 19th! Birthday presents from Victory include free boarding, a birthday dessert and a “I got lucky on my Birthday” t-shirt! AM and PM Cruise.


Your Birthday is should be a day of love. Gifts hopefully in the form of money, and birthday cards. Let us take you and your date to dance off the happy part of the afternoon to top, popular and latest hits by the hottest DJ in the scene or better still recite a lovely Chaucer’s piece to your loved one to spice up the moment. At Victory Casino Cruises, let your great date value your taste when it comes to making surprise turn ups and afternoon experiences.


Victory Casino Cruises presents a calm ambiance to enjoy a meal this Birthday with a great offering a perfect environment to reignite the spark one more time. Birthday’s are all about elegance, giving roses, eating chocolate, romance and a commitment to love and Victory Casino Cruises is giving you the perfect chance to extend the gesture of your love into memorable action characterized by the opportunity to renew vows by the captain’s deck. Also, get the view of the vast waters of the expansively large stern and get to share hugs and kisses under the moon and stars. Victory Casino Cruises offers all forms of luxury and entertainment ranging from meals, drinks, music, gambling and basically anything that you want; you get.


This day that is celebrated for centuries over history should be the ultimate breakthrough that you and your loved one have been waiting. Make it happen by making a booking, reservation or better still presenting yourself, your date or your friends at Victory Casino Cruises on port Canaveral.

Book your ticket now online, or if you have any questions, simply call 855-GO-VICTORY.


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