Celebrate an Excellent Corporate Party Venue in Cape Canaveral, Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsAnyone that hasn’t yet been volunteered to be on the holiday party committee at work is in for a surprise if that extra duty comes their way. Even when a company has a full-time event planner, there is always a need for extra ideas and assistance from other employees. Selecting something as complex as a corporate party venue in Cape Canaveral, Florida or any other area takes a lot of thought and consideration.

The research alone is overwhelming. Then there are discussions with administration regarding budgetary and time restrictions. The more employees in the company, the harder it is to locate the perfect Florida location that has openings for the date and time selected.

Have you ever attended an activity that made you wish your company would choose that location for its next corporate party venue in Cape Canaveral, Florida? If so, did you mention your reasons to anyone involved with event planning? One example is the Victory Casino Cruise ship that’s been recently introduced to this area. Since there is room for 1200 passengers, that business has a group sales team dedicated to creating special arrangements for organizations and companies.

The basic requirement for the group is that it consists of at least ten people. That includes most of the businesses in the area, as well as those headed to Florida for a workshop, conference or weekend seminar.

A delicious meal, fantastic drinks, and live entertainment are features that accompany this five-hour cruise on the Atlantic Ocean. With two cruises daily, there is a choice of dates to schedule for a party that will be remembered with pleasure for years to come.

The party committee typically hands out informational flyers to let attendees know what the company is covering. Dance at Club V on certain nights. Live gaming tables and plenty of slot machines are available for those over 18 that wish to play. Excitement, entertainment and food are a wonderful reward to celebrate.

It’s never too early to begin planning for your corporate party venue in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Get your reservations in ahead of others by contacting VCC’s group sales team today at 855-468-4286 (855-GO-VICTORY)!


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