Casinos in Florida Winners Reunion!


Victory Casino Cruise is at the top of the list for seaborne fun in Cape Canaveral. The ride is excellent this time of year, as the water is very agreeable – allowing us to sail every single day of the week for 5 hour cruises before returning to shore for the next run of casino gamers and guests.

The Victory Casino Cruise line provides its guest with good food and great entertainment, even if it is by impersonators – they are still quality performers that will astound our guests.

Every month, Victory throws a private party for monthly Jackpot Winners to come back and play in our WINNERS ONLY Slot Tournament! Be sure to come back Friday, July 31st and join our private party to celebrate your WIN! AM and PM Cruise.

Our guests are still invited to participate in our casino activities so that the will enjoy the full casino experience all morning long. We offer casino games, bingo games, playing cards, online slots, blackjack tournaments and a lot more. 

Victory Casino Cruises is also a stickler about all entertainment they invite to perform on their cruise lines.  This month, they’ve invited a real special treat that they’re sure their guest will enjoy.

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