Bowzer’s Rock & Roll Party December 18th, 2015!


Peter Noone is headlining at Bowzer’s Rock & Roll Party at Victory Casino Cruises! Performing all of Herman’s Hermits classic hits, this is going to be one rock concert you won’t forget! Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon is going to be performing his surf rock classics, so Friday night Victory Casino Cruises brings you to the roots of rock n’ roll! Bowzer’s Rock & Roll Party never ceases to amaze as you listen to the rock hits you remember and get to see live all over again. Listen to such hits as “Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat” and get ready for one of Peter’s high-energy shows.

Of course, it is the famed Victory Casino Cruises, so this Friday also means every 30 minutes someone wins free slots. (That’s beer money to rock out to the Peter Noone and the Herman’s Hermits proto-rockabilly guitar and vocal stylings, kids.) So if you want to get your slot machine game on before Freddy Cannon takes the stage for “Way Down Yonder in New Orleans”, this is your night. 

But in the end, Friday, December 18 is all about the music, so get on the boat before it’s too late: if you missed your chance at one of these stars in concert before, get your tickets now. Because when Bowzer starts the party, that’s when things get a little… crazy. If you are a fan of Herman’s Hermits, a fan of Freddy Cannon, a fan of classic rock music, a fan of rock party music, or someone who just wants to bring cool back, this is the concert to make it to, and it’s not even on land– so sign up at Victory Casino Cruises before this concert gets sold out. Get your tickets at Victory Casino Cruises now before you miss the chance!


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